Unpredictable and Unforgotable Moment


This post is about my experience when I joined a chemistry competition.

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Wish you can get goodness and inspiration from this true story. Thanks

This place was become witness. Kimia FMIPA Universitas Jember

When I was 3th grade in SHS 2 Lumajang, I gonna thought how I could give evidence about my skill. I who have learned much chemistry science wanna show up to be real chemist. I have desired to be the next winner in chemistry competition. When my thought was going burn, any information was about OKI (Olimpiade Kimia Indonesia) which hold by UNEJ. I directly called my teacher and give her information. Therefore, I acquired promise to join this competition.

I was so confused. I thought again to make a team since this competition had to be joined by team (conscious by 2 student each). I asked my friend to join this competition. But my friends really neglected it with any reason. I was still asking my friends. And finally, I found my friend who accepted my invitation. Her name is Diva. First time join with me in a chem team, she perceive ashame and in a fear. She never thought to join chem competition but I point her to be my partner. This was caused she is very clever all leason. She also diligent student. I like her very much about her mind.

After I pointed her to be my partner, I made some strategies. I devide to two matters for competition. I was able to learn 3th and some 2nd grade chemistry matters and she acquire divvy in 1st and some 2nd grade chemistry matters. We prepared this for 1 week. I liked to be her spirit in spare time. I usually gave her spirit to exploit leisure in chemistry leason. He also often gave notice via short messenger service.

Day by day, I walked. The deadline of OKI has been on our eyes. First day, the competition was hold in SHS 1 Lumajang. I came on time but Diva not yet looked. I called her and she said she was on the way and wanna preapare her cloth. She said her cloth of almamater was wet and must borrowed to her friend named heni. She must ironed before she weared it. It took much time, I thought. She came late till the registration near closed. I was in deep tension that time. But I really smile when she came right. I still spoke with other friend that time to deny my tension mind. Time for struggle my dedication was on. We entered to the room. We did each problem mindful. I devide the problem by two in order to make it easier within doing. We did the problem slow but very relaxed with some joke. My team so joked and few made the condition noisy. Instead we gonna tell our daily life since we never did before. And the time was over. We were asked to out the room and acquire some snack. But we did not go home directly. We still told about our secret. This was maybe caused we has been becoming relation till now and future #I hope that.

1 week time was going. In this time we was embittered the result. We also prayed that time. We never trusted the unbelievable moment when our name drafted on a kinda 10 winner team. I was surprised and I directly gave her an unbelievable result. We were very gratitude to the God that let me go next step. Consequently we had to present to technical meeting 3 days letter. I still remember that day, the day was Wednesday. We went to Jember that day. I was so happy since we could leave many lesson. We were very happy with no lesson. We have been imagined Jember with all ground plays over there. I went to diva’s home first. We went to Jember together by car of divas’s father. We came to UNEJ ontime. We directly began a meeting on 1pm and over finished. The meeting was finished at 4pm so we couldn’t get opportunity played in Jember. But we never sad because we could see the campus. At that time, rain was falling down. We got prayed in campus mosque. We got the rains when we got out the car and back too. After that we directly went to home.

From meeting which held on campus, we should make a scientific written. We fortunately get topic about biodiesel. We liked the topic. In other hand we also should make a presentation about the scientific written which we wrote. We should finish the term in order to join next step. We got 4 day to do that. We perceived rather hard this requirement. But I who was burning in spirit awake us to back spirit that we had. I really sured

If focusing one term only, high quality of that affair is easy to achieve.

–Hafidh Frian Perdana 5/2/2013

            We get support from this quote. We worked hard to finish presentation and scientific written. We never took care in school lesson. We leave our time in school. Even though we was tired we was still working hard. We worked it till the night. When morning was come, we awake and went to school to do about this competition. We had dispensation card, so we could do everything in school no worries about lesson time. But we also had to show and to take practice presentation. This purposed to practice us agains the jury. That time was so tension because we got much suggestion and we had to repair our mistakes. We did together onenight in diva’s home. I came to her home night enough. We would finish the requirement. Finishing was on our eyes, so we working hard even Saturday night. This is we defended because next day we had to go Jember. After finishing was done, we pray with her family. And I went to my home

            Next day, on Sunday, we went to Jember with Mr. Nur’s family (Mrs. Rini my beloved teacher and Dea Mrs. Rini child). We went together happily. Everything was perceived good. Maybe because they are in love. Mr. Nur has searched the laser light for our presentation at the night. We had loved him very much. He had spirit and easy lifestyle. I liked that, yeah!. He found the laser from school. He borrowed that just for us. We has came to Jember early morning. We stopped in fuel fill. We took rest a minute. We stopped in right place. After that we went again. Till the campus, we took rest again in mosque. This is different mosque. The place is near science faculty. We had breakfast together. Even though we just eat traditional food”Campur Rice”, we was happy. It because Mr. Nur bought just for us. Finishing the breakfast, we came to challenge on time.

            We met many friend from other place. We was very pleased to meet them. We wanna show up our skill. We gonna take a coupon for unreguler choice such as presentation first or experiment first. And we presentation first. We presentation with much nervous. We were looked by lecture, jury, student on campus, teacher, and friends. We was rather nervous first but at mid till end we denied it. We opportunity had difficulty when jury gave us many question which out of our plan. But we could pass it. We finished that flawly. We directly prepared other challenge namely experiment. Experiment which given to us was experiment unmastered by us. But we get some advice from the other participant and our teacher. We really got obstacle because we would experiment about recristalisation. We really fear. But after on experiment we just had fun. We just fun with the experiment because the experiment was so easy and I had mastered it. We also has gotten some modals for experiment. So we applied it and easy way we pass. We wished while praying to GOD in order we went to final. We wish

“Wish the name SMA N 2 Lumajang called in final announcement letter.”

Before jury counted the score, we surround the campus and had luch together with Mr. Nur family. We enjoyed the food which given to us free. And the tension were gotten again by us when the announcement would be read. We gather in a room that  we get challenge just now. The place is chemistry laboratory and ballroom. We got more tension that time. We prayed no stop. When the third place is filled by name SMA N 2 Lumajang, unbelievable moment, We directly was so pleased. We couldn’t express our happiness. We give gratitude to God and my teacher and went to next step.

            We directly went to the next step. We also gave spirit to participant that couldn’t went to final. We were so happy because the finalist was just 3 participant so we certainly got a great and money ofcourse. We finnaly went to final. We just made target to final, so we did not thought again when final. We just rather serious that time. We did not thing hard just we wanna got money. We feel satisfied with the achievement. But we realized that we wanna make fragnant the name of SMA N 2 Lumajang. So we awake and work hard to be the best. But looking to the score we certainly loose. But we placed in 2nd .I sure that. We finally silent to see the participant that got perfect score. We finally admitted them to be the best. But we was very fun when the final. We was joked in front of jury and other viewer. We was very happy when we decided in 2nd place. We finnaly got what we hope. We took many photos with other participant, committee, teacher, my teacher, my partner and other student. We got money, we directly went to shopping. And we got happy when it was. When we went to car. We accompanied by student from SMA N 2 Lumajang too. She was so beautiful she was committe and she was my senior in chemistry. She was in chemistry science UNEJ. But unfortunately we forgot to take photos with her. We said good bye to her and others. We directly went to car and go playing. We spent the afternoon in mall. When the day ramped to night, we prayed in the mosque near mall. After shopping and playing in mall we went to pujasera. We had dinner together. We enjoy this because of free paying. After we feel sated, we gonna come by shop that sell moeslim tool. I went there a minute because so tired. I look Mr. Nur feels too. After that, we was very happy and went to home happily.

We singing together, joke together, work together and tired together with Mr. Nur family.

Mr. Nur family also happy because our best achievement.

Diva said “I never feel this happiness because my acivement” she never believe victory. She never joined chem. Competition. But she could get win when join it first time. She looked very happy and tired. But I said to her “Trust our power”. We presented first and last victory for SMA N 2 Lumajang. We could  give fragnant to them. And we also presented to our parents about this victory.

After this, we got money. We made party after we were published on school about this victory. We made party in canteen. We made our friend happy too like our happiness.

Finally we thanks to God that had let us win on competition. Now we get story that can read everytime when we want to remind about that. But unfortunatelly till now we get the documentations yet. This writing maybe help me to reamind my happy moment.

Next story

Thanks 😀


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