The Summit of Adventure, Jember

Last event “The Summit of Adventure, Jember”

One day, 1 month before final examination, I reveal to my hearth that I should be the best. I do many way to learn something important like matter for SNMPTN or final examination. That day, I was searching way to learn. I realized it was late. But I still search and I did hard. I also took a course in Ganesha Operation for my success. I hard searched my way over there. My brain has said to me that the memory was full. It said that because I coerced it to work hard. I study hard every day. I never felt tired. I learn all till the midnight came. I remembered many lesson and practiced many problem in order to pass examination. I was very industrious that time.

Saturated came to me when I was on near final examination. So it made me thought to go vacation. I decided went to Jember. I went to jember to refresh my mind which was muddy. Fortunately when I want to go in Sunday morning, there were my flocking who want to Jember too. They asked me to join with them. They wanna register to course in Jember. I revealed to join with them and took vacation together. After that we went together.

We went there too late at 10am. It’s so hot monsoon. But we still went there happily. On the way, we stopped in mosque fuel fill. The mosque is same with mosque that I came to there with Mr. Nur when I went to chemistry competition. I prefer to pray dhuhur first and took a rest a minute. We was happy there because we found fresh water. We bought some drinks because the temperature was so hot. After that we continued the trip.

At 1pm, we arrived to Delta cource. My friend named yayak directly entered the room and registered course. I and my other friend waited in the street. When I looked around, I found Ganesha Operation exactly in front of Delta. I thought opportunity to take course there. This is great chance for me, I think. I directly decided to take course there with some reason.

There was yayak that could accompany me. Yayak is my friend started from child. We was on same school spanning 12 years and when we child, we nearly born in the same on 1994. So I think he has been becoming my closefriend. I also thought we could get the cost together. So we could control each other.

When yayak has gotten out from the room, we directly went to have lunch. My friend asked me to give advice about where restaurant was on. I instantly gave advice to go pujasera. I choosed pujasera because I has gone there with Mr. Nur when I go to chemistry competition last year. I think I could get some reminding within there. They supposed me, so I eventually gave instruction to join me go there. After that we had lunch together with different food. We ate some each friend. We got happiness and we told little thing over there. It felt no long, the pray asyar was coming. We directly went to mosque near square. We prayed asyar together. After that we went to Gramed. I really wanna go there. We walking as a little in Gramed. We just looked for some books but we did not bought any book. After we was satisfied over there, we was tired. We decided to go home before maghrib was coming. We went to home happily.

In my home, I eventually express my expectation to my parents. I impact my parent what I hope. I hope could take course in Jember. Finally my parent gave me permission. I was happy that time. I affirmed to my course in Lumajang, I wanna moved to Jember. And they let me gone.

Final examination has passed by me. I gotten a move on Jember. 4 days after final examitaion I and yayak and out parent go to Jember to look for cost. We went to there by yayak’s car. Nothing special was coming when we went there. We just got cost which given by yayak information. 1 week after final examitaion, I eventually went to Jember. I went to Jember alone because yayak had gone first. His schedule was begin first. We get cost in 1 room. We devided room fair.

We walked everyday happily. But I think yayak got happier than me. It caused he accompanied by her girlfriend come from Bondowoso who took course together in Delta. But I was not jealous with them. Instead they introduced me their friends. She was miftalia, the nickname is itak (not associated I think) hhe. She was on GO too. I know her in the result of try out. She choose the same study with me. She choose chemical engineering which I hope enter in. She get high score too. She also often took a tst too. I always took tst everyday. Finally we met in tst and we knew each other. Till now, we still in realtion. She was in chemical engineering and I was going on materials engineering. We are on the same blog in ITS.

I was not going on love in Jember. I indeed made a link and added friend more. I got many friend in jember. I had something new there. With I walking out from Lumajang, I really know the wide of world. I found antique friends in jember. They had different characteristic. I got friend from coursing in class, in tst, in accidentally event in couse and others. I found friends namely adit, sandy, nissa, alfy, cahya, elmi, mezzy, and others and my friends on OKI. He was so cool because he was Chinese. He was great in chemistry. He was get 1st when OKI held. I really un believe could meet him again. Now he instead was on same class with me. I learned how he learn. I got what I need when I met him. I was so happy in class. We always on joke class and unconditional class but I enjoyed it. I also met with tentors that had unique characteristic. I still remember the characteristic each namely mbak LL, mbak IH mbak GT, mas KD, mas MH, new tentor on physics that was ashame, and others that I still remember the face but not sure in name.

Early on there, I also wanna study hard in Jember. I was no time to play. I spent all time to study. I got many experience there.

Get out the goodness from a look and deny the badness too.

–Hafidh Frian Perdana 6/2/2013

I learned all on my eyes. I study hard to pass SNMPTN. But I had dream to be granted in SNMPTN Undangan. So I had motto like this when I was in Jember :

I wish to be granted in Undangan way yet I also ready to pass written test.

–Hafidh Frian Perdana

Day by day, we passed together. We usually ate food together if any spare time. But we seldom to get same schedule for course. We mutually was in our room. Sometimes he was on room and I went to course. I learned oll my good thing from him. He had targets and regularly read Al-Qur’an every pray done. I also imitated it to be my habit. I also got the inspiration not to sleep too night.

The time to start sleep is equal to the time to begin wake up

I also got many motivation in Jember. I got more evidence when I got high score in try out test spanning 4 try out continually. I was gratitude to God for this achievement. I told to my friends and they was no sure about it. All my friends finally now this score, so they wanna get free party for me but I neglected it. I was so happy that time. I got surpise from my tentors because this achievement. Yeah! I sured that it was my big achievement.

Day by day I passed in course. I found my old friend namely Gadis. She was my classmate when we was JHS. She eventually introduced to me about her friend. She was Rachel. I don’t know her before. I was instructed by Gadis to send a messege first in order to know her closer. And I did it. Till now, I still was in friendship.

The place that I remember for Jember is mastrip, food terrace, pujasera, campus, Sumatra way, semanggi bridge, store on arjasa, way to bondowoso, panjaitan way, karimata way “my cost there”, food stall on jawa, go jawa, pecel Madura, pecel infront of the SHS 1 Jember or long of the way, mosque for pray jumat in front of RRI jember, pecel in beside go panjaitan, squere and others. I can’t say all, I rather forget it. All the way based on my tour in jember. This place was be specific reminder for me.

These all about my small story behind Jember. I would like to write it because I want to know my ideals of the past on future.

Wanna show you how to walk on hard world


These is the last strory which I has been reminding ever after.


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