Introduction Analitical Chemistry

Introduction Analitical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is a scientific branch of chemistry dicipline which study about chemical composition (quantitative and qualitative analyisis), structural analysis, and behavior analysis of matter. The purpose of analitical chemistry is presenting chemical information over quality, quantity and structural information which used to complete demand of analytical chemist or related side such as factory, produser, education, and development of science. The industry, clinic, hospital, environmental engineering, materials science, geology, laboratory research and related link requires some analytical process in analytical chemistry.

Based on definition and some explanation above, the aim of analytical chemistry are the collecting information like qualitative or quantitative from some sample to represent the large substance. Chemist usually conduct an experiment just to some sample substance. But chemist can conclude it to be come huge teoritical, application, and technology development. But the application of analytical chemistry is not only for chemist but also to other scientist.

The application of analytical chemistry is so wide range. In industry, there is process from raw materials, intermediate product till ending product. Some experiment have to conduct to test the quality of product which have made. It is becomes importance to control the quality each product step by step in every process. The quality control which have taken each process used to analize expediency product. If the result of experiment is not suitable will, the quality control can repair the product. In addition, there are many examples which will explain further.

The application of analytical science are :

Quality Control

Monitoring materials and products to ensure statisfaction product is now important in industry manufactures. All product quality need to be consistent in large product aking. Almost all industries need analytical chemistry. From pharmaceuticals till medicine. From automatics mechine, mechanical, otomotive, electrical, sport, agricultural, use chemical procedure analysis. Instead the food producer and pharmaceuticals producer use advanced chemical qualities to control the consistency product quality.

Monitoring and controlling pollutant

Pollutant like as heavy metals, anorganic substance, plastics, smoke gas need to be analyzed the minimum capacity which can be received by environment. This is a kind of function chemical analysis to mesure it. Furthermore, analytical chemistry use method to analyze quantity of the pollutant. After that, the environmental engineer will analyze the best action to take in that condition. All method must be taken by appliying analytical chemistry in environmental view for industry.

Clinical and biological studies

Clinic and medicine is important to us. Nutrient, supplement, medicine, and healthy food or drink are needed by anyone. The suppliers usually take a chemical procedure to mix the composision. They must count appropriately composision of their products. They must thoroughly measure ratio materials because small mistake in measuring the composision can make fatal errors to consumers.

Geological assays

Rocks are geological fact that can reveal the history. Historitical process in the world can be known from geological method. Geological method has accurate for establishing rocks age. Beside that geological engineer also can predict the kronology of event in the past accurately. To achive the purpose of it, geology science need to be helped by chemistry. Geological science usually analyze soil by conducting chemical analyisis procedures.

Fundamental and applied research

A research often use analytical process to reveal many mistery in science. The research usually examine the substance with analyze the structure and behaviour of its substance. This perhaps to state conection between the microstructure and the properties. This usually take on materials science. Materials scientist usually get many information of properties material, quantity of packing factor and chrystallography by using chemical analytical procedures.

We’ll also find more application naturally going on the matter of this analytical chemistry. -Hafidh Frian Perdana

Analytical chemistry is so fun because in there we can get more experiment experience. Many amazing phenomenon can be found there. Therefore, chemical analysis must learn by us as scientist, engineer or academic in order to develop their knowledge and applying it in daily life.

Analytical process has many kind of way depend on the test which will be conducted by the chemist. The kind of test will write other chance.

Nowdays, we who are on materials and metalurgical engineering semester 2 have to take a analytical chemistry lecture. The analytical chemistry is becoming obligatory lecture on semester 2. Commonly, we don’t know about the analytical chemistry because when we were on SHS, there was not analytical chemistry. We just obtained little matters about analytical chemistry like as titration process. So I try to share my knowledge to you.

Hope can help you friends.



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