Analitical Procedure and Method

Procedure and Method Chemical Analysis

Before going deeply to know the procedure chemical analysis, we must know the object observed. The object on chemical analysis is analytical problem. Analytical problem is all principal pcoblem faced by analytical chemist that used to select best action experiment in order to get valid data. In large project, chemist must communicate first with other scientist. This communication has to be conducting in order to discuss futher about the device, collecting information, observe the properties of object, knowing the problem and budgetary. In addition, communication between them will get the result for selecting appropriate procedure that must be taken.

Formulating the problem

Choosing the appropriate method


Pre-threatment sampling

Qualitative test

Quantitative test

Reporting the result

Cunclusing based on problem

After that we know the procedure, we go to the variety of method in chemical analytic based on the problem faced. The method usually devide by 4 aspect such as qualitative analysis (physical analysis), quantitative analysis (chemical analysis), identification structural analysis, and separating analysis. In case, we devided it into 8 part based type of analysis, such as :

Radiochemical analysis

Electrochemical analysis

Thermal analysis




Mass Spectrometry

Atomic and molecular Spectrometry

Plasma Emission Spectrometry

Flame Emission Spectrometry

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Atomic Flourescence Spectrometry

X-Ray Spectrometry

Ultraviolet Spectrometry

Infrared Spectrometry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry

g Spectrometry



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