Think recycle now, daur ulang apapun!


It will be something thinkless by us. We usually ignore small thing. We usually don’t do small thing. Whereas if we know the impact for future, we’ll realize to do that.

Small thing I mean is recycle. We think that recycling is big event that must spend much money, spend much time, spend much energy to do that. We never see the point of general recycle principle.

We will never begin something from big and then bigger. It done in opposite.

So do something small first and then bigger. We usually dont know what thing that include to small thing in recycling. I think this question is easy to answer. Something small is like throw the rubbish in letter, or save electricity.

from this :


But I will give you an example small thing that become great product. Yesterday I clean my book from home. And I find some books that expired. But I dont throw it directly. I sort it become useless pieces and useful pieces of paper. And than I use again the useful pieces and I recycle the other one.

become this :


It is small thing I think but can become great if we look together.

Semoga bermanfaat


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