Pantai Wotgalih, perjalanan panjang via jalur selatan Lumajang yang baru di buka


Alhamdulillah syukur banget aku bisa pulang hari ini. Wah betapa tidak? Aku tadi nyasar, teman teman. Aku nyasar dan tidak tau jalan yang akan aku lalui dan kemungkinan untuk kembali melalui rute yang telah aku lewati itu sangat impossible. Aku lupa jalan pulang. Dan saat itu tadi aku berada di daerah kanan sawah kiri sawah dan depan hutan. Aduh serem deh. Tapi seru. Simak ceritaku ya..

3 PM. I just was at home. I have an crazy idea. I wanna go to somewhere that the soil is made by iron. Wew I feel interest to go there. I ask my friend where is it. My friend just gave me a clue “wotgalih”. We don’t know about it. But because I have a strong faith so I wanna go there however the ways. After that, I type an keyword in google maps. I get information all about Wotgalih in. Then I type and remember the direction.

3.15 PM. I prayed first. And went there after that.

3.30 PM I went with my beloved motor. I went there alone. First I did not think about the risk and the way that I passed. In fact, It is not under my prediction. I predicted that I can passed the ways easily but It became opposite.  I got dificulty because the street is not enjoyable and comfortable. So I could not rode my motor fast. In other hand, I lost direction. I could not get a map on because the place was not reached by nokia. I feel crazy just now. I ask someone in there one and one to get some directions.

On the way, I get some nice building. It is a curch. It built in Militery Camp in Translok. This place usually used to practice militery.


Yeah After I feel tired, finally I got to feasible way in wotgalih. It was so near from parupa beach. Before I got it I passed the big way. This big way is reccomended by ggogle maps but I could not believe it again because the fact is different. The street is demaged and dangerous to ride alone. So I gave you to survey first before you go to somewhere. Don’t try my way in your home.

I reached a fantastic beach when the sun is set in west. So beautiful beach I think.

4.30 PM I came to the beach. I got some greeting from the beach. This greeting always give me a smile after struggle in ways.


You can also see the soil there is white made by limestone.

Like this :

999561_4530903889252_1538185257_nNice ^_^

Before you reach a mouth of beach you can see the swamp along the way. Amazing scenery like coffe in the morning

You can so enjoy it, free..

625414_4530900129158_1412926375_n 998565_4530861288187_34135126_n 547145_4530902249211_1808349821_n 73516_4530894369014_82207749_nEits, There is amazing view beside your way.

It will be cool at night with glow. It is a iron sands.

You can see it like mountain. Like this :

971196_4530859448141_131274034_n 547381_4530860208160_917341077_nThe secondary greting is beton series and undercontruction building.

994553_4530862048206_192609074_nIt like to be nice, aren’t you?

Now the mouth of beach you see.

And the sunset that cool enough.

1017379_4530876208560_1835196574_n 1004090_4530870208410_133398424_n 61235_4530872808475_1426964268_n 9104_4530867048331_748593601_nIt was great if I have small thing like that :

995740_4530880168659_87034049_n5 PM I went out from the beach and went home.

But of course I did not know the way. I ask again and I decided to go my friend home near from beach. Yeah it is on yosofilangun about 10 KM from the beach. I went there almost breakfast. I rode my motor fast. And fortunatelly I got it in comfort way so I feel it deep and easy ride. I went fast and race with maghrib time (time to breakfast in islam : my religion). And I got right came to mosque in yoso. Im so lucky because in there I was treated humanly. I got a rice and some water. I was very happy that time.

6 PM I went to my friend home. I got direction as same as I did before. Yeah ask again. I think the home is near from city but I got wrong after I reach more and more way I passed. Huh..

7 PM But never mind I was very happy because I met my friend and pray taraweh there. And I talking about my experience just now that time.

9 PM I came home savely. It took 30 minutes from yoso to my home in tempeh.

Yuhuu.. It is all my traveling today. See you tomorrow at diferent event.

Semoga bermanfaat

eits ada yang lupa

1098439_4530913809500_818711416_n 18692_4530915449541_1991331837_nI found an unique curch again.

And last I give you some bonus, yeah



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