Remembering Types


When I turn over the world, I find much inspiration. I can write it all. It was so much. But I try as I can.

Now, At quite night. I get inspiration again. It is a mind that come from deepest soul of my hearth. Yeah I’ll share it.

I have some method in studying. I think you also have it. I also have mind that everyone has each method in studying. This based on your character and passion. I’m fucking sure. But I’ll try to help you if you get some dificulty when studying.

Yeah I have unique method to remembering something. I usually remember something with writing. I think it so simple. You just necessary pencil and notebook and you can conduct your free string mind. Actually the important one is read carefully. Usually I combine it into one. I read the matter that important carefully and then I write the important point. You can string your method self by consider my experience in remembering something like above. In this step, you are not prosecuted to remember all.

Yeah one again. If you finish the read carefully and write the important point, now you must repeat your remembering. Repeat by what method? Hmm with read fast as frequently as you can. So in this step you must remember all matter. It just fun thing. Don’t feel heavy to raed again. It just connects the points to other and your can feel the easies way to remember something without big dificulty.

It is my mind that is development of my kind in studying. Before I find this way, I also get dificulty for remembering task. Since few years ago I apply the bad method. I just write all the matter without care about time and eficiency. I realize that I just can apply it for essay question only. For choise question, this way is fucking unwork. And yesterday I apply new fresh method. This way is namely frequently reading with scanning. Yeah it is suitable with something I need. Yeah I was very happy yesterday.

Actually it is any connection with my method to remember the Alqur’an. I try it and string the connection between my religion and academics. And you know what succesful I’m.

You can grab it this types and try it in your home.

Semoga bermanfaat


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