Yeah, Hi everyone..

Now, I’ll tell you about my sorrow. I’m very sad. I feel like morning without sun. I feel depresed like night sky without stars. All feeling is coused by internet timeout. It is under my prediction. I predicted that my connection is constant and stable. But you know what happen with my modem? It was stopped. Huh..

If you have this ‘accident’, what you feel? I guess you feel like I feel.

Although my modem is timeout, I’ll try hard. I try to write my daily activities in cyberspace. I’ll attempt behaving usual. After that, I’ll make wordpress as my note. I also want to give the other people an inspiration. This inspiration certainly come from my original experiences. So, what term that make you don’t enjoy my wide world?

Now, listen and watch my acts!


Kritik, saran, dan masukan anda sangat berharga bagi kami

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