Physics in daily life

Well, it is the first time writing in the smartphone. It feels like different. Of course, the key is not wide. Consequently, I have to be careful when writing. But I like writing in this windowsphone because the appearence is very exclusive. Whiteboard combined with awesome font made me write again and again.
Yeah, it just intro for my point of view. Now, I will tell you about my minds.
I dont know what I think about. I really surf the brain free. I never limited by gate between minds. I try to combine all my memories in my brain. I’m really sure that thinking process is combining all neuron. So it will become network in brain an be srong of thinking.
Many scientists give thinking about brain. Since they research the science, they also learn about philosophy. I sure that they think similar with me. The try to get all combination possibility in brain.
About two weeks ago, I find snag of quotes. I dont directly get it suddenly. But I conclude it from scientist experiment. They conducted two cracks of light. They perfectly get their hope. They got light can be particle and wave. After that they shot the light pass the small crack. Then, they made two crack behind one. And amazingly they surprised. The light is devided by two. It is acording the light can pass two crack together in same time. What is the conculsion? The particle can be in differnt place in the same time. Consequently it connects with probability theory.
Are you remember the probability theory in mathematics? Yeah, it revealed that if one event feced current before two possible option, the probability is two.
From two kind of theory above, we can see that we never far with option of life. The life is about choosing the unlimitable probability. So in life we can find billion or more options. We just choose the one that best for us.
The second conclusion is dontbjudge the people by one point of view. Because possibility of worse view is still big if you dont look people with other point of view. It reveals from two crack experiment. If we view one crack we will tend to it. But if we view two crack of more, we will get occurate data.
Are you agree with me?
It is up to you
Thanks for visiting. Semoga bermanfaat


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