Penampang sekitar rumah

My home


This is my photos. My photos is taken from my home. I took some nice pictures.

Check this out!

WP_000115 WP_000117

Hmm.. I look a rabbit. It looks very cute. I don’t know where it came from. But actually it is not mine.

You can see what green my behind yard. It is so green and natural. Thare are many kind of plant. There are rose apple fruits, and kelampok. Just you know it. The kelampok fruit that I have is my craft. It refers to my craft when I was in elementary school. I try to oculate the plant. I was very sad if look the tree, it remind me to my uncle. I did oculate it with my uncle. Huhuhuh..

I take it behind my home.


And it is front side. Like in behind yard. My front yard is dominated by plant. But different with there, in front of home are found many flowers. Kamboja, ekorbia, jeruk kikit for cough medicine, traditional medicine that is so natural, and you can see undefined plant that can easily find at gucialit village. Do you know gucialit village? If you dont know, let see it on western of lumajang city. From sukodono district you turn left and pass through the street. Actually about 17 Km length. You can take by motor about 15 minutes. Yeah in there, any best village in indonesia and beautiful airfall. And gucialit also is famous by tea planting and factory that is exporting the tea to other country.

Yeah just it.

Wait for another pictures.


Kritik, saran, dan masukan anda sangat berharga bagi kami

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