Idul Fitri di kampung halaman, Lumajang



Yeah it still the iedul fitri atmosphere. I greet to you all, minal aidzin wal faidzin. Still remember the first day of syawal month. The day that all moslem celebrate the victory day. After moslem passed the ramadhan month. In the ramadhan, we practice to resist the hawa nafsu. Now, we win of the war.


Yeah I just report the first day because after that, there was not unique event. Just any reunion in third day.

The first day, I was very happy. I went to mosque after one night say takbir. I went to mosque early morning. I sit in front shift. And I say takbir. I wait untill the ied pray held. After the ied pray held usually continued by islamic talk. After that pray together and went home.


Next we gether with sibling. We forgave each other namely “Silaturahmi”. But there was unique culture in my village. Many big family was together to go to sibling places. It was very noble. Because they seek hand and forgave each other by saying minal aidzin wal faidzin.

You can see it :


But at first when they have lose with sibling. When sibling was death, they went to grave yard. They pray for their sibling in other world namely “barzah”.



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