Takbiran di kampung halaman, Lumajang


Altought the takbir night was gone, I would write it in my blog. Im so sorry cant write on that night because of busy. In other hand, I lose my connection. I just stopped my speedy conection. -_-

When ramadhan ended, by decision of Religy Ministry RI, suddenly all mosque in my village said takbir.

The street was traffic jam.

The moslem went to central city to cheer the night.

There were patrol.

WP_000112  WP_000112 WP_000111

Any people went with motors.


Any people also went by bicycle.


Any people went by car.

Any people went by truck which modified in idul fitri day.


And many other went by unique ways.

You can see the firecracker. Beautiful firecracker usually blast on the night sky. It was very exiting.


Im very satisfaction. And now before late, aku mengucapkan minal aidzin wal faidzin mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Selamat hari raya idul fitri 1434 H. Semoga amal ibadah ramadhan kita diterima disisi Allah. Taqobalallahu minna wa minkum taqobbal ya karim.


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