Take important one

Take important one


I went to the city first this day. Before I went to waterfall in senduro, I went to eat in central city. I passed the boulevard from ranuyoso. It is about 30 Km length from central city. The boulevard is crowded. I took faster driving because I wanted though the pray time in city.

Finally, I just in the city long time before time prayer is done. Yeah

I eat in small market behin the post indonesia in central city. I eat rawon and drink tea. I was very hungry and thristy after hiking the mountain.

I took prayer in mosque near the square.

Then I went to order the travel ticket for traveling to surabaya, where I learn.

I also glanced and stop eventually in english course. I registered my sister to take engligh course like me. I think english is important now. Are you agree? Of course.

Then after that I went to senduro fast. About 30 minutes. 15 faster than usual driving.

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