Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Bedali Lake)

Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Bedali Lake)

Now or Never : An amazing adventure


This part is really amazing adventure.

10.30 AM. I arrived in bedali lake. I can’t accelerate my motor, certain. This caused the way is not feasible to drive. But I really enjoy it, the leavy bamboo along the roadway.

I was very surprised. The scenery is better then in ranu pakis. I saw mountain arround the lake. The lake is like valley. From faurther, I could feel the aura of the lake. Big valley gave me strength. They made me sleepy with slow wind. I passed through the alley, little byway. The street built by clay. And I stopped and off my motor. I still wear my helmet because I really feared losing it. Humm.. I see the beautiful lake underneath. Light green water and dark green trees arround the lake. There are field, which had by farmer. In there, the fieldyard was growing up fetilizing. It causeb by the location is suitable, where any water, fertilize soil and sunny.

Look it slow!

WP_000209  WP_000207

Yeah. Good enough.

Then I eventually went down to the lake. I never estimated before. I saw the sight is as far as I can. And I feel so close. But, in fact, it was so far away. I climb down the mountain and went down. I passed the walkway, and of course, I leave my motor atop. Yuhuu never mind I just say in my heart *keep my motor, ya Allah. Then I happily down with sing a song.

I feel the challenges. The area is so high ramp. The gradient is so high. I can’t draw it. So scary adventure I think. The walkway is slippy althought no rain falls. It coused by clay. The texture is so soft so sometime made me slippy. In other hand, I also never know the way. I just feel my mind, which get power of estimating. Huh

I passed through the small river. I walk on sendimentary rocks. This rock so hard and rough so made easy way for me. Yeah I passed through the waterfalls. Actually it jus small waterfall. Many waterfalls are there because the place encourage this condition. Ups I went down safe. Alhamdulillah. And then as usual, I took picture for documentary.

Look this!


The fishman catch the fish in the lake.


Canoe and fisher

I saw the hawk


Many dogs are there

The water is tasteless, green, not too cold, and not deep enough.


Yo can see the beautiful sky in there.


Yeah. I couldn’t rewrite with word my experience climbing up the mountain. I’m not desire to do this again. Crazy enough. You look this. It was like the wall in my home. And I must walk over there. The gradient is very high. Scary but amazing. I can’t control my breath. I was so tired that time. I stopped again and again. Unfortunatelly I did not bring a bottle of water. So in say, I can drink water for rest. I took a rest under the big green tree.



Look here. This picture is like I take from right side. But in fact, if you know, I take this up. I actually wanted to catch sun under the tree but I can’t. huh


Alhamdulillah after I climb the mountain, my sweat falls in my skin. My hairs wet. My helmter too. I was so tired. If I could guess the length is about 2 Km. far enough. Eah.


11.30 AM I went to the city to take something important.

Bedali is best one. Ooh

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