Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Klakah Lake)

Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Klakah Lake)


Yeah it is awesome day. Becoming a backpacker who took journey without many preparation, I just say alhamdulillah. Despite, Im backpacker, I didn’t bring backpack like other backpacker. I just brought standart motors *you can see underneath, handcover, filter mouth, and small bag. And of course, I never forgot bringing eyewears, smartphone *for taking photos, and money *for paying something. Next, after tools have already been, I leave my home and said praying to Allah for my savety.

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8 PM. I went to klakah first. It was no planning before because I just planned to go to senduro in this day. But my friend who wanted to be my tour guide was no answer my confirmation message. So I decided to pend my senduro tour for an hour. I eventually go to my friend’s home in tempeh, where my hometown, to ask my friend. The day before, I promised to my friend that wanna invite him to take journey with me. Unfortunatelly, my friend was not able to join. So I just have a choise, go to lake alone and then go to waterfall with my friend in senduro. Yeah it was being best choise I thought.

Hmm.. after leaving my friend home in tempeh, I directly went to klakah, where klakah lake was. I went to there fast for better sight, earlier is better. Just passed the highway in Lumajang, straight from tempeh to northern of Lumajang city. This is state way, where connecting malang in southern and probolinggo in northern. I drove my motor as fast as I can. Despite, I never lose control. I was very careful in highway because the way is crowded. So I arrived there just one hour driving. It passed 25 Km length from my home. And if you come from probolinggo it was just take 30 Km length.

9 AM. I arrived in klakah city, where becoming the only one train station in Lumajang. I was very sad because I read in newspaper that klakah station has been closed. Duh it is so bad dream. Now train form jember or probolinggo is not stopped in overall lumajang stations. Train and its wagon just passes Lumajang and not stop to take passengers in Lumajang. So you can not come to Lumajang by train. After I passed the across train rails, I got greeting from klakah mascot. I did not take a picture. Sorry. If you from my town, you just get direction from maps or just turn right after the train rails and straight over the roadway. After that, you can see the guide that taken over the roadway. And tara.. you arrive to klakah lake. Beautiful and so awesome lake. You can see green tree on your eyes, which can refresh your eyes from traffic jam.


Let’s see beautiful sight!

The green leavy trees are continous in lake edge. Beautiful sky are on your eyes now. You can see the green cyan lake water. Enceng gondok plants are easy found there.



Then you can enjoy the Lamongan mount in eastern. Just aim your body to lake from western of lake, you look amazing combination among the lake and mountain. Sunrise is lazim sight that never lose from this place.


Yeah, in edge of lake is looked canoe. Scull also. Canoe usually used to catch fishes in lake by fisher arround.

Look here.


See the fishman culture! Beautiful sky has been catcher here


Leavy byway arround the lake.


If you went eastern. You can find the mahameru mountain. Complete scenery in here.


Oh humm, you can borrow the boat in klakah lake. There are many comfortable nice resort there, which are atop the lake. Any small school and old building there. It is increasing the attraction of this lake.


9.30 AM I went to pakis Lake. Follow my journey diaries. Check it out.

Just it that can I describe. Beautiful enough yeah.


It was joyful experience.

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