Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Pakis Lake)

Tall C : Triangle Lakes in Lumajang City (Pakis Lake)


Ranu pakis. Yeah it is just 100 m length from ranu klakah. You can drive motor and take just 5 minutes. But you must carefull because from ranu klakah the byway is not feasible. So be careful.

9.30 AM. I was getting the welcome greeting from ranu pakis. It is a beautiful scenery from high place, like look the lake from mountain. Actually really good place for vacation, specially for natural lifestyle. I saw the blue water underneath, and light blue in the sky and very light blue in the Semeru mount, which is the biggest mount in java. You know how much high of this mount? 3900s m high. Amazing mount. Yeah.

Look this!


If you look carefully the scenery, you are able to see the mountain, which is mahameru mountain. It is not obviously see.

The deep of the lake, which is Blue and awesome.


You can feel sleepy if you enjoy the slow wind. This wind is different with other wind in shore. This wind is made from preasure atop and going down to the lake. Uhhh so comfortable if I brought the backpack.

As down as I took, I find surprised thing. The colour of water in lake darker and darker. Yeah it is dark green.


Also see my byway that I pass. I through the leavy big tree. Fresh and not shiny. But I reaveal again that the byway is not comfortable. Huh andai aja aku punya banya uang pasti udah aku bangun sarana akses menuju tempat wisata yang berkelas biar rame wisatawan yang berkunjung ke Lumajang


And after I went down to the lake. I felt how cold water in lake. Yeah it was so cold.

The large is 112 Ha. If I plant the corn in the field that have large like that, I certainly be milyarder. Ahahah


I saw the school near the lake. In the gate, there are greeting like “welcome to my school”


After I was very satisfied. I went to bedali lake. It just take more time. 5 Km from pakis lake. And 4 Km length from bedali lake.

10 AM. I arrived to bedali lake. Take further story here.


I was so pleased.

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