Finishable Bridge vs Untouchable Road

Finishable Bridge vs Untouchable Road



Just now, I was going on the bridge alone. I passed the quiet forest. The darkness made me scary. Instead, the byway is very damage and dangerous to pass. I as usual went to there by motor. Actually this experience is first time. Yeah the scary forest has been passed and the light giude me to the heaven. Oh no, not heaven. It just turn right and there was a beautiful bridge and its scenery.


Wah, if you went to there afternoon, you wanna find a crowded people, who gethering on the bridge. I don’t know what people looking for. Hmm maybe they were looking for leavy bridge, green tree, blue beach, shore, big river, and slow wind. It was completed comfortable.


You must go there. Recommended

Look at this!


Beautiful scenery. Green trees combine with pure river. I think this river is come from semeru mountain. Gigantic huge mount in the java. Sands that blowing with the river is one kind of best types.

Then you can see the bridge from underneath the bridge. It looks pretty good.


You can imagine how long this bridge. It was not on USA, China, or in UK. It was on lumajang city.

What a beautiful bridge it is!

But you also can see the long new highroad. Government focusing build the bridge and forget the target on the highway road. The road like untouchable. Althought the long bridge has finished. The government has many hommeworks to finish the highway. It connect south Lumajang untill Banyuwangi. It called Southern Alternative Highway.

Because the days was going to replace with the night. Before I went to home, don’t forget see the twillight sight.

Very beautiful and amazing thing if you go to somewhere appropriate with full moon. Huhu I catch it in my cam.


It is beautiful enough to spend my day by day.


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