Unbelievable gift

Unbelievable gift.


17 August 2013, I was surprised. I got a gift from my friend. That day was not my brithday, or my special day, or promised day. Did I dream at that night?

1 AM. I went to home after I talked with my friends in front of Taqwa Mosque, where any coffe café was. I and 3 my friends went to home because the night was nearly ended. I backed with my friend and 2 others went home together. It certainly caused the different way we take. Yeah I went to northern and 2 others went to southern.

I and my best friend ride cycle together in the dark night. Suddenly my friend stopped in my alley. And he opened his little bag. He appartenly took something from his bag. He eventually gave the square for me. I don’t know what his mean but he coercing me to accept. Then I took this for my gratitude.

I opened in my bedroom


Look it, the content. Actually he gave me a book, which is exellent desirable. Yeah I was very glad that time.


But I feel sad because that book is buying together with me in jember. Huh he also give the book to my sister.

Thanks a lot.


Kritik, saran, dan masukan anda sangat berharga bagi kami

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