Pantai Papuma, Jember


Just now, I arrived at home after I backpackering in papuma beach. I camp there for two days. I was very happy with my friends such as Rijal *inovator, Viqqih, Reno, Hakim *leader of my village, Anggi *the gentle man, And Hamid *Craziest people. All my friends were tired but the awesome amazing story made us ignore tired.

Well I’ll let you know closer about papuma which long name is Pantai Putih Malikan. Papuma is about 28 Km from central Jember and about 60 Km from central Lumajang. Yeah so closer, right? Papuma is beach which have white sands. Papuma placed underneath hill in southern of east java. The beautiful scenery there build from many aspects, the light blue shore, traditional boat, sunrise, sunset, hill, and small forest overhills. You can see how green papuma, that formed by big trees.


See my journey, too.

24 August 2013, I went to papuma to take a traveling and camping. I went from my village about 8 AM but late untill 11 AM. Yeah you know the culture in indonesia? Late. hahahah

The hot light from sun accompanied my riding along the road. I took long highway for faster trip. Yeah Althought the weather so hot, we enjoyed it by riding a motor fast and faster.

1.30 PM. I arrived in papuma gate, where about 5 Km from Watu ulo direction. You can see the huge welcom greeting by entering the route. This is I take when I stopped for a minute, early morning. The beautiful cloud and field surround you.


I took a rest for a while by viewing arround the forest and saw all side of park. Then we continued to preparing the camping tools. We build a tent and collected woods for fire in the night that made us warm.

2 PM. We prayed at first then we continued homework. After all homework was finished we went to shore and enjoy the slow wind with waves. Yuhuuu I fish in the beach. And of course, Taking picture.

Look this! a pure saltwater.


Wave crashed the stone flower.




The broken hills.


The stone flower.


The white sands.


4 PM we prepared for having dinner. We planned to fire the fresh fish. We bought the fresh fish, and its flavors. We clean the fishes independent. We did that in the shore. We was very enjoy this time by viewing the sunset in western.


Then we eat “lontong”, the endemic food from indonesia. We ate it with a salt egg and pecel flavor. *Pecel is mixture of water and refined bean. It was very delicious because we fucking hungry.

5 PM we prayed asyar and wandered the shore. Enjoy the colour of water, sand, sky and sunset.

See it slowly. Maybe you affected to go here.


Then 6 PM, After I wandered the eastern shore, I also take picture from hill, which 20 m high. I walked small stares. Much stare. I enjoy it by sing a song and say hello to all visitor there.

See it closer.

Dark blue sea


7 PM I prayed again and prepare for eating the fish. We spend the night with burn the fire. And we made noodles. Very delicious noodles. We ate in a plate and drink in a glass only. We feels the togetherness that time.

Then we wander again arround the beach in the night.

Singing together. Life together. And happy together.

We also waited the fish was burning by the time. We waited with card play.

9 PM We ate the delicious fishes. Six pieces of rice and eight burned fishes. We decided to devide same everyone and ate in a spot. We talking and joking together at the time.

10 PM We spent the night by seeing the gigantic sea. We say subhanallah because this comfort life and its beautiful scenery there. We also saw the bigger wave in the shore. The wave and saltwater bigger and bigger near touch our tent. Scary job.

11 PM We were so tired and took a nap. Sleeping in tent is nice experience with beach sound. But I tried to sleep out the tent with my friend namely hamid. But I can’t sleep at that time. Then there was hakim begining the conversation after get out from the tent.

We discussing and telling somestory. We feel the buried story of our friendship when we was JHS.

25 August 2013, 1 AM I slept in tent. We took the night by dreaming, which was very beautiful

4 AM I woke up and praying shubuh in the mosque near our camping spot. I walked with hamid.

After that I taking picture sunrise and go home first.


Actually my friend just on there, but I went home first because any some important meeting.

6 PM, I went to home and say greeting to others. The beautiful scenery in the morning amonng roadway.

I was very happy. Yeah. Actually many secret beautiful scenery that was not yet I tell to you like cloud forest, scary road, and light in the night. It was more beautiful.

It is my story. What about you?

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