Keywords for success

Keywords for success


It is a conclusion about my thought in defining success. All thought which I have are remembering us to basic definition of life. Let’s show up the key!

1.      Friends

We’ll never live without friend. We would dead eventually if we don’t depend on other people. Basically, we necessary other people to help each other. We need relation like eat food, sleep, breath, and tell story, share our glad. We never find the truth of happiness if our friends are nothing. Right?
So enrich your friend and you will see very nice life.

2.      Foreign languages

We’ll find science and knowledge by language. If we don’t know about a language in certain area, we also will not know all about this area from the people, habit, knowledge, society, culture, and behavior. Communicating is very important to build evidence in everywhere

3.      Wide knowledge

In globalization era, we demanded have wide knowledge. We’ll buried in culture and earth if we don’t learn the development recently. We must go everywhere for learning all we find. Knowledge is never limited. You must know all. Evenless we are young, we must go away for search all science.

4.      Strong believe in religion

This is the most important part of life. We’ll never find the truth of glad without spiritual mind. This is top the purpose life.
We created to pray to Allah. We can found the light in islam.

5.      Mastering one skill or more as strong as you can

yeah, no coment for this statement. Being master on every task made us be great people like what we desire.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Focusing to network building.


Kritik, saran, dan masukan anda sangat berharga bagi kami

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