Woke up from dreaming

Woke up from dreaming



Dreaming is sleeping rose (like javanese people said). You certainly ever feel dreaming. When you sleep, you sometimes got dreaming. It is fair and not abnormal. It is normal. So keep calm.

Dreaming is built because we think so deep about certain thing. The ming string in brain and enter the subconscious. This step, all event that you think will appear in your dream. The dream is not only good but also bad. Nightmare like people said. There is dream that can come true. There is dream that just throught like wind. But actually there is dream that appear in our days and we say we ever do it before namely dejavu. I get the definition from my friend’s explaination.

Yeah I tell you about my dream just now. I woke up from my dream. It is a very nice dream. I hope it can be come true. I dream my writing publish in book. I really feel happy and gonna read this book. I ever sent my text to some publisher and on waiting publisher accept. It refers to my idea to be writer start from wordpress and refers to my over happy because I get 3 milion from government that reward my idea. I thought for a while, I never did it before.

Wish it can be true.

But I ever got nightmare. It was scary dream. I won’t tell you about it because my parent ever said to me that if you get nightmare don’t say to anyone, just save in your heart and wish it don’t come true.


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