A Dew in the Morning



Alhamdulillah, Give thanks to Allah, who give me a health. So I can breath again without pay, I can see without buy eyes, I can walk without make legs, I can live without string organ system, and many others. Im saying thanks everyday.

Furthermore, I think my glory will come to me now. It looks like a secret way that is given to me. I enjoy the morning. I feel fresh again. I tough the dew. I look how green trees. And I can inhale deep breath that contain so fresh air. Oxigen is very much in the morning. I can feel it by breathing. The condition is so cold.

Morning is the important time for begining the day. If you can enjoy the morning you will be able to see the beautiful day occuring your activity. Happiness just appear in belonging day after you use your morning better. I think morning is best way for managing the time. If we can do something positive in the morning, all the day will be positive too.

So use your morning for better activity.

Now I do it for the first. I hope it can be resisting for next day.

I hope I can managing the time very suitable.

I hope I can do better thing and I can go ahead.

Managing time is the key for success.

Semoga bermanfaat


Kritik, saran, dan masukan anda sangat berharga bagi kami

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