Cover by Cloud at Cold Cauldron Bromo

Cover by Cloud at Cold Cauldron Bromo

Bromo is the most impressive place in Jawa Timur. Bromo has been famous tourism place in domestic or foreign tourist. Indonesian certainly know about what beautiful there. As indonesian, we must know and love our country product such as this nature travelling place like bromo.
Bromo offer us golden sunrise, cold caudron, and landscape sands sea mountain.


But not like my expectation about good tour in my mind, it become opposite. My team from my departement on HMMT, named MTC (Material Techno Club) have plan to go there at 1 am. And we hope arrive there at 5 a’clock. But there were wrong. We get wrong to select the way so we must turn arround the bromo that make us late to come. We also pass the rain in the cold of night and high atmosphere pressure. We also get trouble at 2 motor wheel. My team was confused because they are ever seen it before. But I was very happy because I can ride motor alone. I sing a song with happiness and enjoy the morning in wide road at sands sea. I fall down from my motor after hit the rock and sink in the sand. After we arrived at penanjakan. We must trekking because 2 motor have error. At 6 am, we only can achive the half of penanjakan. So we must get this sunirise at that place. Unfortunatelly we only can see the haze. Huh.


We continued our trip to bromo cauldron. We spend many time in this place. We walk and hike te bromo mount. We took a picture and go down after satisfacted with the view.

From the top of bromo

I also build a tent near parking zone. Hahah. I do it for rest and breaking my tired. After that I go to hometown and not join the next trip.

Camping zone

Yeah this all my first time go to bromo. My impression is so cool and happy.


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